Meet the Team

Jenine Ikeler

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jenine’s background is in school counseling (shout out to all fellow school counselors). As a new mom, she is focused on nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She loves the concept of drinking a quick one ounce liquid shot in the morning to get her day started. “Honestly, after the pandemic began I really started to pay attention to my immunity health, mixZen makes sense for my busy lifestyle.”

Paul Zymblosky


Paul is our president! He has been in the beverage industry for over 15 years. He wanted to rethink the way you take your daily vitamins. “Being in the beverage industry for so long, I know what goes into the creation of a new beverage - I kept thinking why can’t the same be accomplished with your daily vitamins?” After a lot of research (and we mean a lot) mixZen was born!

About mixZen

mixZen was born out of the desire to simplify the method in which you take your daily vitamins with everything you need in one shot. Formulated to naturally strengthen your immune system. Our ingredients work together to actively boost comprehensive health. mixZen is simple, convenient and effective!



“I have taken vitamins in the past to improve my overall energy - this is the first time I actually feel different. I discovered mixZen by accident and have been very happy.” Lisa J


“Literally everything I need in a one ounce liquid shot plus the added natural energy from the B6 was a nice boost for me at work.” - Liz P


“I received a box of mixZen as a stocking stuffer this year. It’s been by far the best discovery. The combination of magnesium, Vitamin C, Elderberry, B Vitamin Complex in a liquid form is unmatched. I love it.” - Roy L